Thai Immigration

Thai Immigration

Are you considering retirement in Thailand or getting married and living here? If so then you need to consider your visa options and also Thai immigration law. There are rules and regulations for the visa application process as well as rules for leaving and re-entering the country. If you meet the financial requirements as well as the age requirements for the retirement visa then you have those options available to you. With a lower cost of living, Thailand makes for an excellent retirement location.

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Family Law

Family Law in Thailand

If you have retired in Thailand or got married while in Thailand then family disputes are not uncommon. Getting divorced or married can be complex in Thailand as the system is entirely different to the West. The justice system is notoriously slow and getting proper legal advice in English can be difficult. Always ensure that you get proper legal advice and assistance in a language you can understand.

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Property Law

Thai Property

Buying any real estate in Thailand be it a condominium or a villa or an empty track of land somewhere in Issan in your Thai wife’s name comes with its own legal issues. If you have a holiday home or retirement home in Thailand or are simply buying property as a form of investment is good however if you venture down the road of land and villa then it becomes very complicated. Speak to our property lawyer about your porperty options in Thailand.

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Foreign Visa Applications

Thai Immigration in Phuket

Now that you have married in Thailand or met your Thai fiancee. If you do not wish to live in Thailand then she will require a fiancee or spouse visa to take her back to your home country. This can be very complex in Thailand. If you have registered you marriage and now are wanting to settle in Thailand then you will need the required visa to live in Thailand. Speak to us about the rules and regulations of Thai immigration.

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