Thai Maritime Law

Thai Maritime Legal Services in Phuket

Our Maritime legal division can help facilitate vessel registration transactions for both private individuals and corporate clients .... more »

Thai Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration Services in Phuket

Marrying in Phuket is a dream for most couples. The island’s fabulous beaches and the endless possibilities for marriage .... more »

Business in Phuket

Business Services in Phuket

Do you intend to set up a Thai Company Limited, a Thai representative Office, a BOI company or a company under Treaty of Amity? .... more »

Thai Visas

Thai Visas

A long term stay in Thailand becomes every foreigner’s dream after being smitten with the natural beauty of the Kingdom .... more »

Thai Property Law

Property Legal Services in Phuket

Purchasing a property in Phuket whether it’s a condo unit in Patong, a villa in Surin or a piece of land somewhere .... more »

Foreign Visas in Thailand

Foreign Visas

Whether it’s a tourist visa or settlement visas to the US, UK, AUS and Schengen countries, .... more »

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