Islamic Marriage in Bangkok, Thailand

If you are a  Muslim or Non Muslims who are looking forward to getting married under Islamic law in Thailand, the procedure is simple and straightforward. Note that the process is not as straight forward as a marriage registration in Thailand.

The short drive to the Islamic Center in Bangkok takes about two hours but it’s worth it especially if you can get married within a 2-hour ceremony. It takes a bit longer if one of the marrying parties is non Muslim as he/she needs to get converted into Islam before to the marriage can take place. The Islamic Center will issue you with a marriage certificate in English.  This certificate can be brought to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization if you intend to use the document abroad.

To get married under Islamic law in Thailand  there are simple requirements except for Bahraini and Kuwaiti nationals who need some letter from their respective embassies in Bangkok prior to getting married. The requirements are as follows:

  • – Passport  & copies
  • – Photos (1.5×1.5)
  • – Divorce Certificate (if applicable)
  • – Registration fee is THB 5,000

What could make this complicated is the initial planning of the marriage. You would need then to coordinate with the Islamic Center in Bangkok with your preferred schedule of marriage in Thailand and do the follow up as the date approaches. This is important as the Islamic Center follows a very hectic schedule.  You need to liaise and schedule an appointment with them in advance that they may be able to accommodate your marriage.

If you want a hassle free Islamic marriage in Thailand it’s best to retain the services of G.A.M. Legal Alliance to assist you. Our Service includes: liaising with the Islamic Center and scheduling your marriage, accompanying you to the center for the marriage and finally, legalization of your marriage certificate  at the Thai  Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once complete you can then apply for a marriage visa for Thailand to stay with your wife if you meet the financial requirements of the visa.